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Cook with us!

Come and cook in our African outdoor kitchen, Baobab Kitchen! Enjoy life, get your family or friends together or bring your colleagues to this joyful, relaxing experience, inspired by vibrant colours, aromas, succulent flavours and an African beat. We welcome pre-booked parties of 10 to 30 persons during daytime, afternoon or evening, from May to October.

In the Baobab Kitchen, you cook and bake over a fire in African cast-iron pots and enjoy togetherness in the light of a crackling fire and oil lamps. We’ve done all the boring preparations. Now just the fun remains! You lend a hand, but it’s our responsibility that tasty food gets served.

Select your own dishes from many African countries and combine as you like. Our passion is to offer flavours that vibrate of the African joy of cooking and we happily assist. Allergies, vegetarian meals or special requests? We will help you to design a menu that will suit everyone. You can bring your own choice of drinks to the cooking and to the supper. We also sell cold drinks by the glass or jug.

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Our business idea

Attractive flavours that vibrate from African food joy and the freedom of cooking over fire

Attractive quality, environmental concern & care

African crafts & food with genuine quality & feel, and perhaps a story
All of this we can offer because we have one foot in Africa

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This is how you find us:

From Gävle: Drive 509 (passing Hästbo) to Flaten. Turn right. Follow signs 3 km on gravel road.

From Sandviken & Ockelbo: Drive to Valbo and follow directions from Valbo.

From Valbo: Drive 56 towards Gysinge. Turn off left, following directions to Hästbo. In Hästbo (road 509), turn right towards Hedesunda. Drive to Flaten & turn right. Follow signs 3 km on gravel road.

From Årsunda: Drive to Hedesunda. Follow directions from Hedesunda.

From Hedesunda: Drive North on 509 in the direction towards Gävle. Turn off left at Sågfallsbron (shorter) or at Flaten (better). Follow signs 3 km on gravel road.

From E4 / Stockholm, Uppsala: Drive in the direction to Gävle. Take the turn off towards Tierp/Söderfors. Drive to Söderfors & turn right towards Hedesunda. At T-junction on 509, turn right towards Gävle (not Hedesunda!). After ca 3 km at Flaten, follow signs 3 km on gravel road.

From E4 / Sundsvall: Drive towards Gävle. South of Gävle, take the turn off towards Hedesunda. Turn left towards Hedesunda and follow directions from Gävle.



Contact Us

Taste of Africa
Physical- & postal address:
Gilleråsvägen 59, 810 40 Hedesunda, Sweden
Phone in Sweden:
0291-61025, 070-264 2109
(International: +46-291-61025)