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Product: Mrs H.S. Ball's Chutney

Nelson Mandela, Table Mountain, Kruger National Park, and Mrs H. S. Ball's Chutney are all South African icons. Of these, Mrs H. S. Ball's Chutney is the only one that can be packed down, and be taken around the world, to be enjoyed every day with your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Try it with bacon and eggs or serve it as a dip. Have it as a complement to roasts and barbecued meat and as an ingredient in curries and stews.

Close your eyes and you'll find that its light smooth texture and well-rounded sweet spiciness brings it all to you - the fresh sea breeze of Cape Town, the peaks and creeks of the majestic Drakensberg, the vast spaces of the Karoo and the green valleys of Mpumalanga.

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We sell three flavours of Mrs Ball’s Chutney that fit nicely into our attractive hand-made wire & bead carriers. This way you can bring your chutney straight from your kitchen to the table and everybody gets to taste their specific favourite!

Original recipe (click to order)

This is the mildest of the three but as the ‘original’ it has plenty of character and a round attractive palate. A children’s favourite! Use this chutney in your cooking when you want to add that extra body to a stew or marinade. Use it as a sauce with your food! Ingredients: sugar, water, vinegar, peaches, apricots, sulphur dioxide (preservative), starch, salt, colour, spices. Net weight: 470 g.

Hot Chutney (click to order)

This chutney is not as ‘hot’ as the name suggests. It seems less sweet than the ‘original’, with a rich full-bodied spiciness. It is fantastic as a sauce together with your food but also as an ingredient, both in cold and hot dishes. Clear winners are, for example, the South African chutney sauce and the Sunny potato salad (see Recipes). Ingredients: sugar, water, vinegar, peaches, apricots, sulphur dioxide (antioxidant), starch, salt, Worcestershire sauce, spices, colour. Net weight: 470 g.

Chilli Chutney (click to order)

Chilli Chutney has the body of a-not-so-sweet smooth chutney with the extra ‘bite’ of a chilli sauce. It is very popular as a marinade before you grill or stir-fry chicken fillets or beef. It works beautifully in combination with butter and garlic as a Chutney butter that melts on your steak or in a baked potato! Use it with sour cream and garlic for a cold (and yet chilli hot!) dip sauce for seafood or grilled meat. Ingredients: sugar, water, vinegar, peaches, apricots, onions, sulphur dioxide (antioxidant), starch, salt, chillies, spices, Worcestershire sauce. Net weight: 470 g.