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Our business idea

Attractive flavours that vibrate from African food joy and the freedom of cooking over fire

Baobab Kitchen is a joyful, relaxing experience, inspired by vibrant colours, aromas, succulent flavours and an African beat. We’ve done all the boring preparations. Now just the fun remains! You lend a hand, but it’s our responsibility that tasty food gets served. Baobab Kitchen, our African outdoor kitchen, welcomes pre-booked parties of 10 to 30 persons during daytime, afternoon or evening, from May to October. In Baobab Café, we serve delicious African cakes & bread, baked over fire in castiron potjies. Open on weekends from May to October. Conferences - We will create an all-inclusive package for your business or society, to spend a whole day at our beautiful & relaxing oasis.

Attractive quality, environmental concern & care

We responsibly select our ingredients, e.g. real butter, organic eggs, and ice cream made from real vanilla & cream. We refrain from using MSGs e.g. sodium glutamate (E621). Where possible, we select organic products and support local charcoal producers.

African crafts & food with genuine quality & feel, and perhaps a story

In the Farm Stall, you will surely find personal and useful items for your home, all carefully selected by us. Through the brand and the projects we support ”We give something back”, we are changing living conditions for many small and a few large African producers.

All of this we can offer because we have one foot in Africa

Come and see us and we’ll tell you more... Welcome! Åsa & Nolan

We give something back

Involvement and interest can lead to commitments on a larger scale.
Directly or indirectly, Taste of Africa gives something back to Africa through some of the products that we sell:

Bushman's Chilli Sauces. With every bottle of Bushman's Chilli sauces sold by Taste of Africa, 4% of the purchase price is donated to Survival International, an organisation that gives legal aid to help the San Bushmen to reclaim their ancestral land in Botswana. Click here to read More

Taste of Africa Spices have stunning images painted by a young Kenyan boy. Taste of Africa donates 4% of the selling price of the spices to Vi-skogen, a tree-planting project around Lake Victoria. We want to give our artist something that can change his world and give new opportunities, also to other children in East Africa that cannot afford to attend school. Vi-skogen helps people to stop soil erosion. At the same time, they get an income from the trees that are being planted.
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Taste of Africa Coffee - Because Taste of Africa believes in the idea of giving Africa ’Trade not Aid’, we initiated a support project for a pre-school in South Africa, in our village Stanford's informal settlement. The school’s name is Funimfundo...
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