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About the Taste of Africa Brand

Since we started this project, close to 1000 trees have been planted. We thank all of you for buying our spices and helping us to continue planting more trees.

We are shortening the chain. The Taste of Africa brand brings you closer to Africa, and to the people that made your product. For a growing number of carefully selected products, we have personally designed the product and the packaging together with the South African producers. The Taste of Africa brand is a registered trade-mark.

The four small images that belong to the brand Taste of Africa, were hand-painted by a 10-year old Kenyan boy. He sold his cards at a car park when we passed Kisumu near Lake Victoria in December 2002.

We want to give him something that can change his world and give new opportunities, also to other children in East Africa that cannot afford to attend school. Therefore, Taste of Africa donates 4% of the selling price of our spices to a tree-planting project around Lake Victoria (www.viskogen.se). Vi-skogen encourages people to grow their crops together with the trees. This stops soil erosion. Simultaneously they get an income, access to firewood, building material, fruits, medicine, fodder, and shade.

We wish that our artist might get the chance to grow along with the trees that are being planted.

Products in the Taste of Africa range

Sun Dried Fruit


Organic Bushtea