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Bushman's Chilli Sauces

The pulsating heat of Bushman's chilli sauces brings to your mouth the burning African sun, the vibrating heat of the red sand, and the warm winds of the Kalahari. Bushman's Chilli sauces come in attractive 125 ml bottles – a perfect table size. They each have a scale that indicates a heat index, ranging from 0 to 15.

Bushman’s Chilli sauces are a celebration of the San, a people often referred to as 'the Bushmen'. Ancestors of the San lived as hunter-gatherers and were the earliest inhabitants of southern Africa (see below). In a court case lasting four years, the San fought Botswana’s government for the right to live on their ancestral land. On December 13 2006, the San miraculously won their land back! This gives us much joy and we feel part of their victory. With every bottle of Bushman's Chilli sauces sold by Taste of Africa since 2005, we have donated 4% of the purchase price to Survival International. This is an organisation that actively works to help the San Bushmen. We thank all of you that buy the Bushman’s sauces and - with your help - we will continue to support the San in the future.

Our best braai recipes with Bushman's sauces...

Nolan’s chilli dip – super quick & hottest
200 ml fat creme fraiche
1 (2) ml Hot az Hell or Bushman’s Revenge
1 clove garlic
salt & black pepper
Mix all of this and TASTE! Garnish, if you like, with green herbs … Keep Cool!
Lasts for about a week in the fridge

Tastes lovely with grilled meat, fish & shrimps etc
Åsa's warm potato salad with honey mustard
- so easy and so tasty -
Do like this:
Wash & boil small (baby) potatoes with skins for approx. 15 minutes in salted water. Divide them in smaller pieces if they are large.
Then make the dressing using olive oil, garlic & honey mustard & spices. The amount that is needed may vary depending on the quantity of potatoes - start with 50 - 100 ml olive oil, 2 cloves garlic (crushed or grated), 2 table spoons honey mustard, coarsely ground black pepper, salt, 2-4 teaspoons rosé pepper, crushed in a mortar (add more to taste), toss around and fold in finely cut leaves of fresh rosemary.
Toss your warm small potatoes in the salad dressing adding more rosemary to garnish. Serve luke warm, preferably with extra coarse salt at the table.

Hot Az Hell - Heat index 12 (click here to order)

The little town Hotazel, an oasis in the unforgiving trembling heat of the Northern Cape, gave its name to this chilli sauce. Just like its namesake, this sauce displays an array of flavours, married with a vibrant heat that compares to a veld fire (South African word for a grass, bush or forest fire). Ingredients: fresh chillies (50%), spirit vinegar, capsicum oil (1%), herbs, spices, garlic, sugar, salt, sunflower oil, food starch from maize, preservative potassium sorbate (E202). Volume (net): 125 ml

Bushman's Revenge - Heat index 15 (click here to order)

This bottle has a 'Warning' sign on it! Don't let it scare you off! This explosive sauce has a strong aroma, broad flavour and a less sudden hotness than Hot Az Hell but the heat lasts longer and could be compared to that of a bonfire. Ingredients: spirit vinegar, fresh chillies (40%), water, balsamic vinegar (contains preservative sulphurdioxide) herbs, sunflower oil, spices, maize starch, preservative potassium sorbate (E202). This product is very hot and must not be consumed by children. Avoid direct skin contact. Volume (net): 125 ml

Bushman's Chilli Mustard - Heat index 6 (click here to order) heat index 6

Ingredients: mustard seeds (35%), spirit vinegar, apple cider vinegar (preservative sulphur dioxide, water, spices, herbs, sugar, salt, sunflower oil, mature chillies (2%), food starch from maize, preservative potassium sorbate (E202). Weight (net): 250 g

Bushman's Honey Mustard - Heat index 4 (click here to order)

Ingredients: water, rapeseed oil, mustard (65%), apple cider vinegar, spirit vinegar, honey (21%), salt, modified corn starch, sugar, olive oil, pasturised egg yolk powder, stabiliser (E415), white pepper, sorbic acid, preservative potassium sorbate (E202), colourant (E160a) & flavourant. Store cold after opening. Weight (net): 250 g

Our best home made mustard herrings
- Chilli mustard herring - from a customer <3-
200 ml fat creme fraiche (add garlic, salt & pepper), 2-3 tbsp chilli mustard & a few drops Hot Az Hell chilli sauce, if you like. Mix the creme fraiche sauce with 100 g matjes-flavoured herring filets, cut in pieces.
-Honey mustard herring with rosé pepper -
200 ml fat creme fraiche (add garlic, salt & pepper), add 3 tbsp. honey mustard, or more. Mix the creme fraiche sauce with 100 g matjesflavoured herring fillets, cut in pieces. Finally, add the 1 tbsp. crushed rosé pepper.
Both these mustard herrings will reach a fuller flavour after a day in the fridge.
Providing that they are kept cool (+ 4°C) they will last for 5 days, probably a little longer.

"Dynamite" - an exclusive chilli sauce with dark chocolate (click here to order)

This extremely hot chilli sauce is made with the finest Habanero chillies, mixed with dark Belgian chocolate, and matured for five years. It is a sauce made for the chilli lover and connoisseur. Let the flavours of prunes, spicy hot chilli & chocolate explode in your mouth! Ingredients: habanero chillies (40%), balsamic vinegar (contains preservative sulphurdioxide), olive oil, spirit vinegar, Belgian chocolate (70% cocoa), capsicum oil (2%), maize starch, preservative potassium sorbate (E202), spices, herbs, molasses, salt. Volume (net): 125 ml

Chocolate sauce for Chilli lovers
Flavour your chocolate sauce with Bushman’s Dynamite!
30 ml butter
7.5 ml vanilla sugar
30 ml cocoa
0.5 ml salt
100 ml sugar
200 ml cream
Bushman’s Dynamite, drip it in!
Melt butter in a thickbottomed pot/potjie. Add all other ingredients and stir all the time.
Remove from heat if too hot! Let it simmer until thick enough
and, carefully, add drops of Bushman’s Dynamite. TASTE!

If you love chilli, this sauce will change your life! :=)

The Bushmen of southern Africa

The range of Bushman's chilli sauces is a celebration of the earliest inhabitants of southern Africa – the San, a people often referred to as 'the Bushmen'. The unique culture of the ancestors of the San of today is revealed in archaeological sites, dating back hundreds of thousands of years, and in the legacy of their beautiful rock paintings, found throughout the southern tip of Africa. Ancestors of the San lived as hunter-gatherers, which means that they moved around to fulfil their needs for food and hides. They gathered wild plants and hunted both small and large animals. Near the sea, they lived mainly from fish and other sea animals.

Very tragically, the unity of the San as a distinct cultural and economical group vanished with the arrival of colonialism. Many were killed, enslaved, or employed as farm labourers or trackers, which by the beginning of last century eventually lead to the destruction of their cultural and traditional identity. Only a fragment of this rich culture prevails today in the San of the Kalahari. Struggling to maintain access to their land, now part of Kalagadi game reserve that extends over Botswana, South Africa, and Namibia, the Kalahari San have adopted many aspects of a western life-style and some keep domestic animals. The San of today speak a language with 'click' sounds, which is one aspect of their rich culture that has survived their transition from a widespread people to a marginalized cultural group that struggles to retain their identity.

The pulsating heat of Bushman's chilli sauces brings to your mouth the burning African sun, the vibrating heat of the red sand, and the warm winds of the Kalahari. By telling the story of the San, we want to pay a tribute to a fascinating culture, one of many on the African continent. We also want to say – it's not too late! You can still do something to help the San of today. With every bottle of Bushman's Chilli sauces sold by Taste of Africa 4% of the purchase price is donated to Survival international, ( an organisation that currently works to help solving the problems for the San people.

Further readings on the San:

Vanishing cultures of South Africa by P. Magubane. 1998, Struik Publishers, Cape Town.
In search of the San by P. Weinberg. 1997, Porcupine Press, Johannesburg.
The Bushmen of southern Africa. by S. Gall. 2001, Chatto and Windus, London.