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Product: African Tea

Green rooibos (Click here to order)

Green rooibos is unfermented and naturally less sweet than regular rooibos. Its’ taste is fresh and pure. The level of anti-oxidants is about 30% higher than for regular rooibos, especially in the enzymes attacking free radicals.

Our Green rooibos is called ‘Greenbosch’ and is a Cedarlife brand. It is of finest export quality, and comes in boxes of 100g, divided into 40 bags.

Rooibos Mango (Click here to order)

This tea makes us remember a traditional African market in the cool of the early morning, and the scent of the fruits that are being unpacked. Rooibos Mango has a subtle fruitiness and a sweetness that gives a sense of relaxation.

Rooibos Natural (Click here to order)

This is how many prefer to drink their Rooibos tea – with its deep body and natural sweet flavour. It has no additives, preservatives or colorants.

What is Rooibos?

Rooibos is made from the finest parts of a pea-plant (Asphalatus linearis), indigenous to the Cedarberg Mountains of South Africa. Its name means, 'the red bush' and it has been used for thousands of years by the San Bushmen of Southern Africa. The red colour develops when the green leaves are fermented in the same process as for ordinary tealeaves. The unique flavour and health promoting qualities of Rooibos have captured researchers from all over the world. It contains no caffeine, very little tannin, but is rich in essential minerals (iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, magnesium) and antioxidants. It is given as a warm drink to children. Children with allergies and rashes are sometimes also bathed in Rooibos! Rooibos is sometimes used for flavouring food such as soups, stews and marinades and in a wide variety of cosmetic products.

Do like this: Pour boiling water over a tea bag and let steep for a few minutes. The flavour increases with time and cannot become bitter. Enjoy your Rooibos on its own, or with honey and/or milk.

Our Rooibos is Jacob Hooy®. It is of finest export quality and comes in boxes of 100 g, divided into 40 bags.

Honeybush - A New African Health Tea (Click to Order)

Honeybush is a mild aromatic herbal tea with a natural sweet honey flavour. It is grown organically, and contains no caffeine, very little tannin, and is completely free from additives or colorants. It’s a wonderful tea to relax with!

What is Honeybush?

Honeybush is produced from the flowers and finest leaves from Cyclopia shrubs, belonging to the Pea family. The stunning yellow flowers are sweetly scented with nectar. These shrubs grow only in the Longkloof Mountains of the South Western province in South Africa. The first inhabitants of this region, the San Bushmen, were the first to use these shrubs. When the European settlers arrived a few hundred years ago, they learned from the San how to prepare Honeybush. Because the shrubs were restricted to a small area, and difficult to reach on mountain slopes, the beauty of Honeybush was long a well kept secret.

Today, Honeybush is very appreciated for its naturally sweet note, but also for its positive health properties. It contains a high number of essential minerals (magnesium, calcium, and potassium) and bioflavonoids (antioxidants). Honeybush has many health properties, similar to Rooibos.  It is used as an ingredient in natural remedies, beauty products and fruit juices.

Do like this: Let your Honeybush steep for a few minutes in boiling hot water. The flavour only gets stronger with time.

Our Honeybush is the Cedarlife brand. It is of finest export quality, and comes in boxes of 100g, divided into 40 bags.