Afrikanska kulturböcker

Product: African Culture Books

Visdom från Afrika, Dianne Stewart

In Africa proverbs are important because they reflect both the past and the present, and are as relevant today as they were to traditional society. As with so much of African culture, proverbs have been passed on in the oral tradition. It is rare to find a treasure as this book with proverbs from across Africa. The text is given in the language of origin, an English translation and an explanation to the meaning. The proverbs are divided into subject groups such as human nature, family life, good fortune, time, animals and nature. The book has a hard cover and 160 pages.

Bushman Art of Southern Africa, HC Woodhouse

In amazing vibrant colour photos and detailed descriptions of the rock-art, we are introduced to 40 significant sites situated mostly in South Africa but also in Namibia. This is a good ?first book? for someone who wishes to learn more about the fascinating Bushman culture. The book has 48 pages, and 181 colour photos. The text is in English.