Find the way to us

We are pleased to say that many people find their way to us. Every year, we have between 1500 and 2000 visitors. Yet we are still a well kept secret for many. People often ask us: "Does anyone else find this place? , stepping out of their cars, after the 3 kilometres on our winding gravel road. 

How do you find us?

The best way is actually to "google" Taste of Africa Gilleråsvägen 59 Hedesunda using Google or Google Maps. Please make sure to stay in Sweden and Hedesunda :-), because there are other Taste of Africas out there. If you come from the South for example, Söderfors or Hedesunda, Google Maps will want to give you the shortest way, which is through the forest on a smaller road. We often take this road in the summer, although during the winter and early spring it is not cleared from snow. This is one difficulty using Google Maps! If you instead of "Taste of Africa Hedesunda" type "Flaten" you will be guided right. At Flaten (road 509) you will se our large road sign, and there the 3 km gravel road starts.

Please take your time driving along the small gravel road. You may be lucky to see a moose, a roe deer, or a wood-grouse, or perhaps something even more thrilling…There are plenty of wild flowers along the roadside. We share this road with many other – two-legged and four-legged. THANK YOU for driving slowly past us who live here. When you get here, there are plenty of parking along the road, on a parking to the left, and in front of our farmstall. Warm welcome!

From Gävle: Drive 509 from Gävle/Hemlingby (passing Hästbo) to Flaten. Turn right at our Taste of Africa road sign. Follow wooden signs 3 km on the gravel road.

From Sandviken & Ockelbo: Drive to Valbo and follow directions from Valbo.

From Valbo: Drive 56 towards Gysinge. Turn off left, following directions to Hästbo. In Hästbo (road 509), turn right towards Hedesunda. Drive to Flaten & turn right at our Taste of Africa road sign. Follow wooden signs 3 km on the gravel road.

From Årsunda: Drive to Hedesunda. Follow directions from Hedesunda. 

From Hedesunda (16 kms): At the roundabout in Hedesunda, drive North 13 kms in the direction towards Gävle (follow signs Ölbo, Tierp). Drive Pass the sign to Söderfors, turn left at Flaten, at our Taste of Africa road sign. Follow wooden signs 3 km on the gravel road.

From E4 / Stockholm, Uppsala: Drive in the direction to Gävle. Take the turn off towards Tierp/Söderfors. Drive to Söderfors & turn towards Hedesunda. At T-junction on 509, turn right towards Gävle (not Hedesunda!). After ca 3 km at Flaten at our Taste of Africa road sign. Follow wooden signs 3 km on the gravel road.

From E4 / Sundsvall: Drive towards Gävle. South of Gävle, take the turn off towards Hedesunda. Turn left towards Hedesunda and follow directions from Gävle.

If you need assistance, please call or sms us at 070-2642109.


Walk through the forest to us

Now you can walk to us through the forest. It's an old 2 km path that you can cycle on, ride a horse on or wander and locally it's called "Lill-Johans väg". If you take the bus 49 towards Hedesunda, get off the buss at the stop Finnböle (road 590). Walk 150 m southwards on 590, in the direction Hedesunda. At the right hand side, there is a small gravel road (Södra Finnbölevägen). Turn in there and look for our wooden sign (Taste of Africa 2 kms). It's just over 2 kms from the bus stop to us. If you come with car, park at the commuter's parking near the buss stop in Finnböle, and walk a bit!

There are signs in both directions, and there are lints. Enjoy