Welcome to Baobab Café

Baobab Café – just come – no booking required for smaller groups. Should you be a party of 8-10, please let us know so we can prepare a space for you to sit together. Please stay here for at least for an hour, or perhaps even three, to fully enjoy the tranquillity and peace in our garden. During springtime there may be sounds of a fountain splattering, tooting blue tits, great tits and the silvery notes of the robin. In early summer, our garden smells of cowslip, lilacs, and honeysuckle. We hear the singing of the garden- and willow warblers and our shop's own pied flycatcher. Soak up the sun, perhaps on the lawn, or under a tin roof. Play a round of 'Ludo' with a friend, read a book or paper in our library, and take look at the beautiful handcraft in our shop. ♡

We will take your order at the table. Here we serve coffee with an automatic refill, so that it will last for a while. If there are long waiting hours (there are only two of us working here), we will give you extra tea and coffee, on the house. Our 'chilli hot chocolate' made like Grandma used to do it, is to "long for", and so are our moist cakes and Nomsa's bread. We bake in African cast-iron pots, using genuine African recipes and carefully selected ingredients. We choose organic and locally sourced ingredients when it's possible. Milk, bananas, & cocoa are always organic. We use real butter and much LOVE in our baking. The eggs are from outdoor hens on local farms nearby or organically labelled. There are always gluten free, lactose free, and milk free alternatives. Please ask and we'll let you know!

In Baobab Café, we serve wonderful treats but no cooked lunches. Our frequent guests gladly have lunch starting with Nomsa's bread, and one of our much appreciated cakes, an exotic fruit salad, or perhaps a pannacotta. If you are a large party that wish to order in advance – we will find a good solution for you! Welcome! ♡

Café menu – this is what we usually serve, but this can vary between days during the season
Welcome! Take a seat anywhere in our garden and we will come and take your order. Are you or someone in your party allergic, diabetic or a vegan? Ask us and we will gladly tell you about our ingredients and give alternatives

This is how we bake

Many people wonder how we do it – and how can it taste so fantastic? A well buttered bakepot, only the best ingredients, a warm fire with hot coals. Add some attention, a little patience & MUCH LOVE. Our dear friend Nomsa showed us how. When Nomsa bakes over fire, it's an art expression. It all depends on the fire and it should take time –as long as the result is good! Nomsa lives in Cape Town and we always meet when we are there, it's always a great time together!

In the summer of 2014, there was a huge forest fire not so far from here, and we were not allowed to make fires outdoors. Not even in our yard. This lead to us baking for the Café in a conventional oven. To be honest, it has been very practical esp with more guests discovering our Café. Although, now and then, we bake over fire – like we used to for eight years. If you also want to experience the freedom, the handiwork of fire baking – come and join us for a cooking in Baobab Kitchen